Wednesday, November 23, 2005

i'm pretty pissed at my husband right now. i just spent the last two hours helping him put plastic on all the windows. i thanked him for helping me & said that i loved him. he looked at me like he was insulted & walked off. what the hell!?! what did i do?
the only thing i can think of is that when he asked me to do one thing earlier, it took me a second to get to cuz i had to get around something & he got pissy. i'm not his goddamn mother! i don't live to be at his beckon call. i don't live to serve him. i don't live to clean up after him 24/7.
i'm sick of having to live up to his mother. i'm sure every wife feels this way at some point or another. but i've felt like this since the day i met her. his mom has no life outside of him. it's sad really. i'd feel sorry for her if he tried to help her, but he just feeds the need. god!
he just came in the room, grabbed his blanket & didn't say a single word to me. no apology, nothing. jerk.
happy thanksgiving...


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